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"Remote Control Lawnmowers & Residential Snow Plows, Because Life Should Be Getting Easier, Not Harder"

  No more pushing your Lawn Mower around the yard!! Get the thumbs up as people drive by and see you sitting in your beach chair mowing your lawn with one finger on the joystick of your Remote Control Radio, as your Lawn Mower cuts the grass and spits it out the side all mulched up - Wow what a picture! The mowers pictured above (Model CRS181R1) are fully functional operator controlled Mowers - real lawn mowers. These mowers are not toy mowers with plastic blades. These mowers are not autonomous self-working toys with plastic blades that you need to pound in perimeter spikes into your lawn and leave unattended for hours to cut your lawn. You control the CRS181r1 remote control lawn mower with your 2.4 GHz Remote Control Radio joy stick. (just one finger does it). It is as simple as that. Again, no perimeter wires to set up, just turn on your Remote Control Radio and Mower, and start cutting your lawn using that one finger.

Robo Plow

  Creative Robotic Systems, in keeping with it's successful release earlier this year of it's CRS Series of its Remote Control Lawn Mower line has now created the first (ANYWHERE) Heavy Duty 2.4 GHz Radio Control Robotic Snow Plow, The CRSSP01. Our New Remote Control All-Weather Snow Plow comes with a 24 volt power supply shielded by our all weather battery housings, a 2.4 Ghz Futaba Remote Control Radio with a 1 mile range (between the radio and the snow plow). This Snow Plow Platform has a small foot print, but a very powerful geared drive motor system, making it able to push 12 inches of snow with ease. The unit comes with a 24” (pictured) or 36" Snow plow blade (optional).

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